Indie wedding at The Russett in Hackney

When I met Tamsin and Alex in a little London pub earlier this year, they told me all about their plans for an indie wedding at the Russet in Hackney, it sounded just my cup of tea.  They wanted laid back photos to capture the vibe, celebrating their marriage in the locality where they live.Man I loved their local London wedding from start to finish, such a relaxed atmosphere with so much love in the room :) From their first look, to walking into their ceremony together, waiting to greet every guest as they left the ceremony, finding dogs to borrow in the park, drinking champage out of the bottle, emotional grandparent photos, autumn leaves and the most amazing vegetarian feast I have ever tasted - and a killer soundtrack too.  All of the little details had been handmade with love, an absolute team effort.  Huge congratulations Tammy and Alex, I hope you had an amazing time in NYC on your honeymoon!rose and crown stoke newington wedding_0003 rose and crown stoke newington wedding_0004 rose and crown stoke newington wedding_0005 rose and crown stoke newington wedding_0006 alternative wedding clissold house_0007 alternative wedding clissold house_0008 alternative wedding clissold house_0009 alternative wedding clissold house_0010 alternative wedding clissold house_0011 alternative wedding clissold house_0012 clissold house autumn wedding_0014 autumnal bridesmaids_0013 bridesmaids in leather jackets_0017 bride in leather jacket_0016 dogs at weddings_0015 wedding at russet hackney downs_0019 bridesmaids in leather jackets_0018 wedding at russet hackney downs_0020 wedding at russet hackney downs_0022 wedding at russet hackney downs_0021 handmade mice wedding toppers_0024 handmade mice wedding toppers_0025 wedding at russet hackney downs_0023