2015 in pictures

Happy New Year! So here it is, my round of 2015 post. Wow, that year flew by! Is it true what they say about time speeding up as you grow older?! I still can't believe this is my job sometimes....it's been so amazing to be invited in to photograph so many weddings and family sessions, thank you to all the wonderful people I have worked with.For this post I decided to focus on emotion, when I look back on the year, what do I want to remember? These are the images when I looked back on the year where something went boom.  Where my eyes and my heart aligned.  Some are from weddings and some are from family shoots, and some are from my own family.  They are the in between moments and they are absolutely what make my heart sing...Here's to 2016, where time will be made for creativity, health, family and friends...which may see a possible new home and more adventures to come (read this as "I wonder how many trips down to Cornwall I can make...")Alternative family photography_0289Alternative family photography_0292Alternative family photography_0291Alternative family photography_0290 Hitchin wedding photographer_0079Hitchin wedding photographer_0147 Hitchin wedding photographer_0124 Hitchin wedding photographer_0087 Hitchin wedding photographer_0086 Hitchin wedding photographer_0076 Hitchin wedding photographer_0089Laidback wedding photography_0295 Hitchin wedding photographer_0115Hitchin wedding photographer_0064Hitchin wedding photographer_0036Laidback wedding photography_0296Hertfordshire family photographer_0218Laidback wedding photography_0294Hitchin wedding photographer_0181Hitchin wedding photographer_0083Hitchin wedding photographer_0090Hitchin wedding photographer_0088Bedfordshire family photography_0231Bedfordshire Family photographer_0222Bedfordshire Family photographer_0223seagulls st ives-1 Hitchin wedding photographer_0055Laidback wedding photography_0297 Hitchin wedding photographer_0051 Hitchin wedding photographer_0048 Hitchin wedding photographer_0034 Hitchin wedding photographer_0028 Hitchin wedding photographer_0026 Hertfordshire family photographer_0211 Hertfordshire family photographer_0217 Bedfordshire family photography_0232 Bedfordshire Family photographer_0224 Bedfordshire family photography_0235 Family photographer Hitchin_0221 Hitchin wedding photographer_0053 Hitchin wedding photographer_0189 London relaxed family photography_0252 Alternative family photography_0264Alternative family photography_0261 Alternative family photography_0273 Alternative family photography_0284 Alternative family photography_0269 Alternative family photography_0279 Alternative family photography_0267 Alternative family photography_0277 London relaxed family photography_0243 Alternative family photography_0266 Stockholm travel photography_0253 London pub wedding photos_0226 London pub wedding photos_0228 London pub wedding photos_0225 Hitchin wedding photographer_0164 Hitchin wedding photographer_0167 Hitchin wedding photographer_0153 Hitchin wedding photographer_0119 Hitchin wedding photographer_0116 Hitchin wedding photographer_0113 Hitchin wedding photographer_0099 Hitchin wedding photographer_0096 Hitchin wedding photographer_0084 Hitchin wedding photographer_0067 Hitchin wedding photographer_0071 Bedfordshire family photography_0234 Stockholm travel photograhy Way Up North_0038 Hitchin wedding photographer_0041 Hitchin wedding photographer_0125 Hitchin wedding photographer_0129 London relaxed family photography_0237 London relaxed family photography_0239 London relaxed family photography_0248 London relaxed family photography_0247 Stockholm travel photography_0256 Alternative family photography_0278 Alternative family photography_0276 Alternative family photography_0275 Alternative family photography_0263 Alternative family photography_0262 London relaxed family photography_0246 Hitchin wedding photographer_0169 Hitchin wedding photographer_0160Alternative family photography_0293 Hitchin wedding photographer_0161 Hitchin wedding photographer_0163 Hitchin wedding photographer_0152 HITCHIN FAMILY PHOTO SHOOT_0012 wedding at russet hackney downs_0023 Hitchin wedding photographer_0033 Hitchin wedding photographer_0031 Alternative family photography_0282 Alternative family photography_0265 London relaxed family photography_0245