Stockholm travel photography - Way Up North 2015

Last week I spent a few days in Stockholm and it was just what I needed - both for me and for my business. When I booked my ticket for Way Up North 2015, a photography summit for wedding photographers, I wasn't sure to expect.  All I knew was that I had been working so hard on my photography for the past 5 years and I wanted some time to learn, reflect and move forwards - and this seemed the perfect opportunity.After a couple of days exploring and then attending Way Up North, I left Sweden feeling recharged and inspired - having listened to amazing presentations from the speakers, had great conversations with other fellow photographers and was also reminded of how much I love to explore new places.Held in a beautiful independent theatre, the presentations at Way Up North were so heartfelt - honest, helpful, challenging and inspiring.  Thank you to all of the speakers who shared their approach, knowledge and experiences with the audience - getting up there in front of 500 other photographers can't be easy, especially when you are usually behind the lens! This was the first Way Up North conference, and if you are also a photographer I would definitely recommend keeping a close eye on their plans for future events...I have a note book full of reflections and ideas for changes to implement along with ideas for blog posts to write and photography themes to explore - but for now, here are some images I took whilst exploring the city, trying not to fall into all the lovely little design stores and spend a ridiculous amount of money, and trying not to eat too many Kanelbullar (cinnamon buns!) And the light in Stockholm. Oh that sweet Autumn light and the shadows it created.... Way Up North-1-2Stockholm travel photograhy Way Up North_0048Stockholm travel photograhy Way Up North_0035Stockholm travel photograhy Way Up North_0049Stockholm travel photograhy Way Up North_0043Stockholm travel photograhy Way Up North_0044Stockholm travel photograhy Way Up North_0040Stockholm travel photograhy Way Up North_0041Stockholm travel photograhy Way Up North_0039Stockholm travel photograhy Way Up North_0036Stockholm travel photograhy Way Up North_0042Stockholm travel photograhy Way Up North_0037Stockholm travel photograhy Way Up North_0038Stockholm travel photograhy Way Up North_0051Stockholm travel photograhy Way Up North_0047