I’m a bit of a journal writer, a dreamer. I use my notebooks as a space to reflect and plan…I wrote something for my business, for myself and for you, that explains what drives me, and I thought I would share it here :

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I believe in the power of the every day - the importance of the little moments and connection with the world around us.

I believe in curiosity, in truly listening and asking questions. I have a genuine interest in people - how we all differ and finding similarities too. I believe in reading widely to help us understand the world.

I believe in creating images to hold on to those moments to help remind us in years to come when the children are grown or our loved ones are gone.

I believe in real photo albums you can turn the pages of.

I care what you feel like as we get to know each other during our time together, a shoot is a conversation between us that develops into meaningful images.

I will not photoshop your body.

I want to capture you as you are, in a flattering, comfortable way. Our skin is real, our bodies are real, our arms that we wrap around our loved ones are real, every wrinkle we have has grown with experience and we are ALL good enough.

I photograph in gratitude for that moment.

I believe in celebrating our similarities and differences, for accepting each other for who we are, and cherishing time we have together…and in celebrating our achievements and learning from our mistakes and experiences - we are all flawed humans and it’s beautiful. I believe in soaking in cultures different to my own, enjoying and learning from them.

I believe in independent business run by inspiring every day people. I believe there’s more good folk than bad in the world and that home is where community begins.

I come unassuming to your session and try to walk a mile in your shoes.