Charlotte and Kate have just taken over the management of the Etcetera Theatre in Camden Town. When they asked me to shoot a portrait session for them as they wanted to some new images for their website, I was really excited. I was looking forward to capturing their personalities and the atmosphere of the the theatre - and I think that certainly happened! The shoot was lots of fun and I hope that comes across in the pictures.

The theatre is found tucked away above the Oxford Arms, near to Camden Lock. It's a gorgeous little venue and has a great selection of plays and comedy.  I love hidden treasures like this and it makes it all the more interesting when such fabulous people are behind it.

To Charlotte and Kate - I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do, looking forward to coming to a show soon. x

We went for a little wander towards Arlington Road - found some interesting places to pose and lots of time for entertaining each other!

Wandering further along to Inverness Street market, I couldn't resist some street photography...think we were a bit noisy for these people.

I love these images of Charlotte, even though they are out of focus, I feel like they capture a moment, which for me, photography is all about.

Then we found a garage door we were leaning against opened electronically, why NOT go inside for photos?

Back onto the high street, time to say goodbye to Grace who had come along for the fun - I have to say she turned out to be a fabulous assistant ;o)

Can't resist the madness of Camden - sneaking into a passage lined with neon...

And back to the theatre we must go...

Back stage....

Did you notice? Did you notice? I tried reeeeeaaallly hard not to take so many portrait orientated photographs and tried to keep my camera's a challenge for me to remember to take landscape images as I love portrait ones,do you think this makes a difference?