February Instagram-tastic

Hold on, I can't believe it's time for February's round up of Instagrams.  HOW is it two months since Christmas? Where has the time gone? This month has flown by - I've been insanely busy, designing a sample wedding album, getting ready for a wedding fair, doing several exciting shoots and on top of all that have been living away from home during the week as need to be near work in London. We moved to Hitchin in Herts at the end of December which is exciting - we have a little Victorian cottage, which is so exciting... but it means that I won't be living there full time until April. 

So February has been about savouring the weekends.  And as usual, its loving the little things in life that's got me through.  Here are my February lovely things:

Having down time in the cottage - trying to persuade Daf that we should get a cat, and then a lovely little kitty arriving on our window sill trying to get in.  Tea after tea after tea.  Losing my boy to a PS3.


Visiting the British Museum.  Wanted to see the Grayson Perry but it was sold out...managed to find the little coin exhibition ,containing my brother in law Matt Dent's coin designs, even though I see them in my purse every day, I still find it so exciting that they're in the British Museum!

February has been all about delicious refreshments...red velvet cake from Drink Shop Do in Kings Cross (delish!), at least 2 brownies in Halseys in Hitchin (love!) and a yummy pizza in Aces and Eights across the road from our old flat in Tufnell Park (sat on a table next to Noel Fielding.  Once upon a time Carl Barat was in there too....don't think we'll get North London cool in Hertfordshire some how...)

Finding quotes...love the blue one - saw it when strolling past the British Library, put me on one all day! The other one was scrawled in the toilets of Aces and Eights...made me giggle, who could get confused between Paul and David Nicholls!?

Finding out that just 15 minutes walk from our new house is absolutely beautiful rolling countryside...amazeballs!

Finding out that Jack is difficult to take photos of ... stay still young mutt!

Sunday evening roasts with friends...Tense Jenga moments...

Finding things of beauty....the basket is now sitting on my fireplace, an early brithday present from my Nan and Grandma, a great day out shopping!

Tickets! We went to see Matilda the musical, was truly incredible - the set, the acting, the Tim Minchin score, the kids, AMAZING. Would recommend if for sure (plus the theatre is in Seven Dials, right near the Orla Kiely shop, hurrah!) Also, my Emmy the Great tickets arrived, can't wait to see her at the Southbank Centre on my birthday...looking forward to March already! 

What are the highlights of your February? Are you on Instagram? If so, add me! My username is lexaloy, see you on there!