Alexa loves drawing - line drawing commission for Kirklees Council

Recently I've been doing some illustrations for a lovely lady called Jane at Kirklees council. She spotted some drawings on my blog after googling for line drawings of people, and got in touch. The project was to create a banner for their stand to use at fairs, advertising interactive multimedia information services. They wanted a lounge scene with different people accessing the services using different technology....this is the final drawing.

Jane sent me a photo this afternoon of the drawing blown up to 3 x 2m (!) and in use as a banner on the stand. An image will be projected onto the tv, advertising the available services, and the laptop and ipad drawings have been filled with information too. I really enjoyed working on the project and have also started some additional banners which will be displayed alongside. It's so exciting to see my work in use, hurray! It's massive!!!

I'm pretty excited about developing this side of my business further in future, it was a new challenge to draw for such a specific brief and to make alterations to suit a client.  Loved this experience.