Alexa Loves : Peak District walking (and a flying visit to Nottingham)

A few lovely days in Bakewell, the sole purpose to escape the big smoke and recharge - the first day we walked out from the town, making up the route as we went along. It was amazing to BREATHE FRESH AIR!

I love Bakewell, a sweet little town with cute little shops, windy little paths and the most incredible puddings. NOTHING like the Mr Kipling tarts, but deep and eggy and weirdly jammy.  Mmmmm.  Plus the locals are really friendly - and call you 'duck'.  One evening we had a nightcap in a little pub and a folk band were jamming in the corner by the open fire.  It was really bluesy american folk, I stood there sipping my brandy, without my camera, soaking it in!

We also enjoyed a walk to Miller's Dale, on the recommendation of my Dad. Which was a lovely day, amazing sunshine that I had in my head when we booked our accommodation, lucky it turned out to be true! PS Yes, second pic on the left below IS the path! A mile of overgrown forest on the valley floor when we took the wrong route...

The weekend was finished with a cheeky little visit to Nottingham. We visited old friends and old haunts - our halls where we met on campus and our houses where we were the boy and girl next door. Good times although nostalgia makes me feel funny! It was great to catch up with Em, Joe and Rachel too, I love Notts.

So those were the things that went right....Somethings were pretty bad too! I left my wallet on the train (typical I hear you cry!), we took a wrong route on the walk and ended up walking a ridiculously overgrown path for an hour, was neverending... and then I got an electric shock from the shower! All worked out ok in the end though, someone handed my purse in with everything still there and we got our room upgraded. Life!