Alexa Loves : Fireworks on Hampstead Heath

I love Bonfire Night - the smells, the sounds, the excitement that hangs in the air. We had some friends over for hot dogs (yes, we are still eating left over sausages!) and then headed to Hampstead Heath with some sparklers, some sky lanterns and my shutter speed on slow. The thing I'm really enjoying about photography is how much I'm learning. The Heath was pitch black and so I whacked my ISO up really high - which yes, has left some of the images rather 'noisy' but I kinda like the effect...

There were lots of people up on the Heath - no official display but lots of people enjoying the sights of London and the atmosphere.

Heading for the warmth of the pub, my brother Max and his girlfriend Kerry enjoyed kicking the autumn leaves. And yes, I was sat in a big pile of them as I took these photos!

We ended up in The Star on Chester Road, which happens to be our 'wedding pub'.  Daf and I revisit fairly often as it's one of our locals, but it was the first time back with a big group of friends, good times.

Our lovely friend Anna has gone to live in Argentina - this was her last night in the UK for a while, goodbye lovely Anna, we will miss you lots x 

(recreating a shot from our wedding where a big group of us stood outside and jumped!)