Alexa Loves : Highgate Cemetery

On Saturday I woke up really tired and in a grump.  By late afternoon there was gorgeous light streaming over NW5, so Daf persuaded me to shake off the blues and head out for a walk. The plan was to head to a cafe in Highgate for some almond tea, but we ended up falling off Swain's Lane, into the east side of Highgate Cemetery.  The light was stunning and the atmosphere in the famous Victorian burial site was amazing.  It felt sacred and special to wander amongst all of the Annies, Ethels and Ernests.

I love the juxtaposition of old and new... and couldn't resist an attempt at a spooky self portrait...

The evening light was so warm, hard to believe we're almost in November.  I am absolutely obsessed with Autumn.  (And what lovely bokeh!)

The DEAD grave belongs to Patrick Caulfield, I think it's interesting when an artist is reflected in their grave stone. My favourite grave ever is that of Alfred Wallis in St Ives, Cornwall.  Did you know Jeremy Beadle is buried here? No, neither did we - it was quite strange to pay our respects to him as we stumbled across his bookshelf inspired grave. 

I've wanted to visit Highgate cemetery for a while, I'm always walking past it but never going in, especially after reading Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger which is set here...on our way into the cemetery I actually saw twins in their early 20's with long hair walking down the hill - for those that have read the book, I was a little freaked out!

A reflective afternoon, I'm glad I visited in the end.  Strange for a cemetery to lift my spirits, but it really did.

We wandered home via the Bull and Last; for delicious scotch eggs, a cheeky Amaretto and the papers. Perfect.