365 project - January

Ah January where did you go? How is it February tomorrow? This year is whizzing by so fast, like I'm fast forwarding a tape in the video player.  Looking back it seems like it was longer than it feels, I've been keeping a photo journal you see.I've begun a 365 project - a photo each day in 2014. I decided they'll all be taken on my phone and edited with VSCOcam app, just because I carry my phone around with me during the day and it's less pressure. It's not about technically perfect photos, or perfect composition - but about capturing my year as it unfolds, the feelings, atmospheres, places and people.  It's just a little thing to keep me looking at the world with fresh eyes.Here are my favourites from January, the rest can be found on my VSCO grid page www.alexa-loy.vsco.co and I'm posting them each day on Instagram (I'm @lexyloy or search #alexaloy365) if you want to see them all! Is anyone else doing a photo a day project? I'd love to see links to yours! :)

1/365 Restoration. New Year's Day.
3/365 Waiting. Hitchin to London.
6/365 We are the Parsons workshop in Belfast.  Don't Give Up.
7/365 Titanic Belfast
8/365 Celebration. Like a kid in a candy shop.
11/365 Battersea sunshine.
13/365 Sarah and the British Museum
16/365 A portrait of my Grandad. I don't need a picture of his face to tell his story :)
His workbench in his garage, still busy at 83.
21/365 Kitty
22/365 Kings Cross
23/365 Hitchin station. Home time.
24/365 Headache, bed time, sleep.
27/365 My friend Erica made me eggs fresh from her garden.
29/365 A blanket project has begun.
31/365 Let's give this a try.