Emma Case Workshop : Welcome Home

On Saturday I went along to the Welcome Home workshop - a photography workshop by Emma Case.

So I uploaded the images for this post and now have to find the words to write to go with them. Eek, a task that's quite hard as to sum up in a few sentences the impact this one day has had on me and my photography is almost impossible.  Yet those two words keep coming back to me - Welcome Home, the perfect title for the workshop.

So instead of a big ramble (which this blogpost could well have turned out to be) this is just a big thank you - to Emma - and to Pete (her amazing other half) and to Dawn and Lee from Shutterbox Films who were along for the ride to record what was happening and made the day so much fun.  Thank you for sharing yourself Emma and for motivating and inspiring me in my photography journey, I hold dear so many sentiments and ideas.  Argh I just can't wait to begin exploring the things that were stirred up inside me during the day, just amazing.

The lady herself getting emotional...not for the first or last time that day!