365 Project: Week 4!

I can't believe this is the fourth week! I feel kinda proud that I've kept it up! Last week was really busy and tiring and exhausting...but so wonderful in so many ways. It's the little things in life that keep me happy.

Autumn is my favourite season. 
Tuesday : I've got a bit of a tea cup collection going on, they just make a cuppa feel so special! This one is a favourite for 3 reasons - it's a Meakin, it has Cornish illustrations and it was bought for me by a very dear friend who knew I would love it.  She waited on ebay for it for ages and it's very precious indeed! 
Wednesday : Washing. Wool. Texture.
Ok so Thursday was an amazing day! I was presented with my Hitched Breakthrough Photographer award, eep! More on that on another blog post to say thank you to everyone for voting but for now, yay!!
Friday I went to London for a client meeting. While I waited I had a little time to zone out, knit and listen to 50's music in Issy's Cafe, Camden Passage.  It felt so very precious.  Took this on my iPhone, edited with VSco app.

Ah Saturday! I went to the Welcome Home workshop in London - run by Emma Case Photography, it was just amazing.  There will definitely be another blog post coming about this soon....an inspiring day I will never forget.

And then there was Sunday.  I was super exhausted but Daf persuaded me a country walk was what I needed. So we headed across the fields near our house and were out for almost 2 hours.  I love how it blows my cobwebs away and makes me feel so real.  This was taken with Daf's phone as the sun went down. Just beautiful.  And the fact that the battery ran out just after I took this image felt so perfect...