Valerie: Portraits on Hampstead Heath and a photography lesson!

Eeee!! I just loved this portrait session with Valerie in Kentish Town. It was a shoot with a difference. Valerie is a keen photographer herself and has just purchased her first DSLR camera. As I took her picture I was also teaching her about looking for light, exposure and composition, it was a fun afternoon! We explored using window light, using a reflector and taking portraits on a sunny day. And we chatted endlessly about photography, awesome! We started off by at the Southampton Arms on Highgate Road (you have to try the pork baps, they are incredibe!) and then onto Hampstead Heath, my home from home. Isn't she beautiful!?

Then onto the Heath, yay! We walked around the back of Parliament Hill near the ponds.

If you are starting out and would like to learn some about how to make the most from your camera and have some portraits at the same time I would love to talk some more.  (My email is It was a low key afternoon - we went for a walk, talked about what she needed to know, I took her portrait and talked through my thought process as I shot explaining my composition and exposure choices.  We then swapped over and she had a go....not as scary as it sounds!