Instagram-tastic : This is August

Yay! Time for some more iPhone adventures...August was a busy busy month with lots of weddings, our second wedding anniversary and lots of other things going on.  I want to say thank you to all the lovely brides and grooms, guests and other photographers and suppliers that I met and worked with, I felt truly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people this summer. 

Anyway, on with the Instagram show...this what August has meant to me.  

A feeling of escape - Cambridge.  A walk on Jesus Green, punting, drinks on the roof terrace and a visit to Kettles Yard, my favourite place in the world. 

Spending time in my house - I developed a making guacamole obsession.  Ercol shadows make me happy.

Road trips.  Exhausting but amazing.

"Who explored this Heath and the wider world..." Amen to her.  For me nothing heals more than laying on the grass on Hampstead Heath at sunset. Nothing.

London exploration, love. Yes they did go on that ride on the Southbank...No, no, I did not. I took pretty pictures and held the bags.

North London pubs are amazing.  I love the history, the structure, the furniture, the ale, the food, all of it.  We had a birthday at 6 St Chad's place (left pic), my secret little pub in the back streets of Kings Cross. I'm also really excited to be shooting Clare and Greg's wedding at the Blacksmith and the Toffeemaker (right pic) in Islington in's a gorgeous venue.

Light. is. beautiful.

My lovely friend Laura Babb had a hen do.  So I made her a star trek veil, I mean surely that's what every hen needs eh!?

Brighton.  Blogging inspiration from RocknRoll Bride 's workshop. Thanks Kat, my geeky notepad is full from all the this space, exciting times ahead!

And finally - some sunflowers happiness with lovely Sarah.

What have you been up to this month? I've taken up jogging, I know don't fall off your chair. Freedom is in your feet people! I'd love to know what you've been up to. Leave a comment or follow me on Instagram @lexaloy - I love seeing people's photographs!