I love November (instagram tastic!)

OOo I do love instagram! It's like a sketchbook I carry round with me on my phone.  I've even ordered a poster of my little phone photos from http://printstagr.am/ Exciting! I really enjoyed putting together my I love October post last month as it made me appreciate the month that was.  I've decided this will be a regular feature on my blog, instagram little pictures making me happy!

Autumn is my favourite season and a lot of November was pretty much spent staring at trees, picking up leaves and acorns, exploring Hampstead Heath and wearing my bright pink woolly hat like a mad woman even though it may still be mild, I am trying to avoid an ear infection this Christmas...

One bright and sunny Sunday morning, Daf and I walked up to Highgate Woods and found a rope swing, amazing.  Weeeee! I did a little autumn inspired drawing I did and had a cuppa in Queen's Woods cafe - have you been there? I think it's a bit like the witch's house in Hansel and Gretl..except not made of gingerbread of course!

To be honest I'm not the world's biggest animal fan but November has been about expanding my horizons...I fell in love with some owls - a Barn Owl landed on my arm and I fed him a chick as my class watched on.  The owls were just the most beautiful birds I have ever seen, I was obsessed.  Then I found some snails in the rain and held my friend's Giant African Land snail, I am brave.

♥I'm really interested in light reflections and shadows...of which there have been many in November!

♥I love my grey converse - I've literally been buying the same pair for about 11 years, they are my trusty friends. It was time for a new pair this week - can you tell which ones they are? November has also been an amazing month for my photography - I have made lovely new photographer friends at Anna and the Ring's party (where I received a temporary camera tattoo!); been to a ShutterRock meet up where I was totally inspired by the business advice of Melissa Love, Zac and Jody Gray and Mike Larson.  On Sunday I second shot for Laura Babb at a styled shoot in Sussex, fun times! I am so excited to have booked weddings for next year too, all of which I am very much looking forward to! WOOOP!  

I also spent time with my brother in law Matt who is designing my photography website which will be launched next year.  We met at the Royal Festival Hall for a brain storm, one of my favourite places in London. The Southbank makes me go loopy with excitement, it always has done.  I've got so many ideas buzzing around my head about the website and my brand, I can't wait to get started on it.  

Lastly, I love finding beauty in the small things I see everyday, and these little dudes say hello every day on the way to work, I thought it was about time they made it to the blog.

In short, November has been an autumnal, busy, tiring, wet, sunny and awesome month.  However I'm exhausted and December shows no sign of letting up. Bring on those quiet days between Christmas and New Year, my favourite chill time for walks, pickled onions and classic telly. I shall of course be instagramming it all!