Hampstead Heath - VSCO film presets for Lightroom

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Heath in Autumn.  Beautiful light, crisp cool air and a stroll on a Sunday afternoon.   I'm so thankful for this green space in the middle of my London life.

This is the first time I've used VSCO presets to edit my photos - see below for my thoughts!

I've not ever braved the Lido, too cold...but I do see two ladies every morning with dripping wet hair at about 7.30am most mornings on my way to work, madness!

Even though it turned into a sunny afternoon, the mist still hung around making for some eery football photos!

Beauty found in the smallest of things.

I'm really interested in new shapes and images you can find in places that you know well.

I edited these photos with a new set of presets available for Lightroom from Visual Supply Co. I've never used any presets or actions when editing photographs before, just tweaking each photo individually in Lightroom myself (I know time consuming!) so I was excited to try this as it's goal is to emulate the look of film. I really enjoyed using them, and am pretty pleased with how they've turned out.  It's definitely a step away fromy usual style, and I don't quite know how I feel about it yet. I don't want to use something just to jump on the bandwagon, I want to create the best images I can. I still feel there's a lot for me to learn and explore when it comes to the skill of editing, but am enjoying it!  What do you think of the VSCO presets? Can you see a difference from my usual style? Or have you used VSCO yourself? I'm interested in your thoughts - leave them below!