Alexa Loves : October

We're nearly at half term.  Back in September I wrote this post about the back to work blues...where I acknowledged my exhausted, whingy teacher self and promised to kick her in the right direction.  I can't say it's been easy but I'm still standing.  It's been a hard half term but finding reasons to be thankful for each day has got me through.  And exercise - I've really got into powering up Highgate Hill to blow away the cobwebs.  It may not be a true reflection on life and also incredibly twee just to focus on happy things on this blog, but I don't care - it's about sharing the joy and is such a good focus for me.

I think you can tell by the amount I've been blogging lately that I'm just absolutely in love with my photography and I'm learning new things all the time.  That's one of the reasons I love the Instagram app : recording the here and now.  It's all about focusing on the little happy things, even when things are tough. These are my little happy October things:

♥ autumn table in my classroom ♥ long shadows on Kentish Town Road ♥ tiny tea sets ♥ essential chunky winter knitwear as the nights pull in! ♥almond tea in my pretty cups with friends ♥ high on life on the Southbank after watching Jurassic Park at the IMAX ♥ red toes ♥ heart shaped nature ♥red and blue houses ♥ uni reunions ♥ peach roses at work ♥ Whittlesey Street, Waterloo (my home town) ♥long shadows on Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath in general ♥ Map cafe in Kentish Town ♥meeting my childhood pet for one last time in a lane in Hampstead ♥ sunset at Camden Lock ♥ lonely lost earrings ♥pancakes for breakfast ♥ cheeseboard! ♥a blow up giraffe ♥

This month I took part in something called the Curiosity Project where you sign up, get sent a secret address and make a curiosity box for your unknown person.  I spent ages on making and decorating my box, filling it with curious little goodies, such fun - it was received this week and I got such a lovely response from Carla - a recipe for Chai Latte! See the box I sent on the Curiosity Project blog  I wonder when I will receive mine and who it will be from?

I haven't done any drawing for a while, I'm looking forward to a week off - to relax, get out my sketchbook, visit my brother and his girlfriend, go walking in Derbyshire to blow away the cobwebs and visit my beloved Nottingham.  I'll probably take some photos....If you have half term what are you up to?