Wedding : Edd and Louise

What a beautiful day. Our lovely friends Edd and Lou got married on Saturday in Liphook, Hampshire.   The sun shone as the crisp Autumn morning turned into a warm and bright afternoon.

It's just so amazing to watch two friends marry each other - and they didn't stop smiling all day.  These photos are taken from my point of view as a guest, it was lots of fun.  So much thought had gone into the day and the speeches were just brilliant.  I especially loved the little details such as a family tree of weddings, homemade 'Stobbies' jam, 'Murray' mints and the fact that each table was named after an African safari animal - with each table bearing a beautiful illustration by Lou's brother Rob.  Lou and Edd got engaged on safari, here are the hen do photos, complete with giraffe!

Lou and Edd met in Nottingham when we were at university, so there was lots of nostalgia flying around during the weekend.  There's nothing quite like boogying on down with a big group of friends - dancing in a circle and taking it in turns to do your 'thing' in the middle.  I came home on Sunday totally in love with the world.

Then outside for a drink on the terrace....gorgeous low autumn sun was very bright but then later in the afternoon turned a beautiful shade of butter!

What an amazing first dance, Edd is a massive rock fan - my favourite part was when Lou strummed his leg like a guitar....good work guys.

Then the dancing started....I love it when my boy hears 'Can't Touch This', runs to the dance floor from wherever he is in the room and pretends he is actually MC Hammer.  These photos do not convey the intensity of his dancing!

After show it's the after party...after the party it's the hotel lobby!