Review: Chocolate Truffle Making at Homemade London

How better to spend a rainy, cold September evening, than sitting round a table in a warm and cosy Marylebone craft workshop; learning how to make chocolate truffles with one of your bezzie mates and her mum? Sarah bought us tickets to the Homemade London workshop as a surprise (Groupon-tastic!). I love her enthusiasm for getting me out of the house on a school doesn't happen often, especially on the first week of term.

The workshop ran for three hours during the evening and was run by Nicola, the owner of Homemade London, assisted by the lovely Farah and Kate.  Nicola was telling us how long they have been perfecting the recipe and technique of these truffles in preparation for the chocolate workshops and I reckon she's got it spot on. 

You may remember my post about Homemade London before, when I made a lampshade which you can read about here.  I'm still obsessed with it, in all it's tassly Mad Men blue glory. Love. Anyhow, I digress. We made chocolate truffles, here are the pictures. I took them without a flash, as I quickly grabbed my camera as I left home and didn't have charged batteries for my flashgun :o( So I'm pretty pleased with how they've come out considering how dark it was outside. I'm really enjoying learning how to edit in Lightroom, photography is such a learning journey.

 Heating whipping cream and butter, ready to fold in dark chocolate.  Oh so naughty but lots of fun! I love how you can see my reflection in the bowl of chocolate pieces.

The whole way through the process it was really difficult to not eat the mixture, but didn't think that would particularly good etiquette in front of strangers!  It didn't take me longer than two seconds to decide on the flavouring for my truffles - a hint of Bergamot oil leads to EARL GREY chocolate! I love my tea. I also had some plain and some raspberry truffles too. Ok, so of course we had to taste the mixture after this part, just to check it was right!  Has anyone got any inspiration for other flavours to add?

(Love these image of Sarah and her lovely mummy)


Nicola took away our chocolate for a blast in the freezer to firm the mixture, which gave us time to make a box for our finished chocolates.

One of the reasons I love the workshop space at Homemade London are the treasurey delights that are everywhere you look. I'm such a magpie, love them.  PS I WANT to make the brooches below, I'm sure I could persuade my friend Kelly to join me...

Making the box was definitely the trickiest part. My brain just does not process instructions though and as I'm so clumsy I spent most of the time petrified I was going to slice my finger off with a craft knife.  I'm very proud of my efforts!

It was a bit of a messy process, chocolate everywhere!

And TA DAaaaaa!

Here we are with our finished boxes of goodies...yum! What a lovely evening, and the best thing is that the enjoyment spreads out over a few days.  I'm just about to settle down with a cuppa and you guessed it, a truffle...