Alexa Loves : Back to work blue....skies!

The term has well and truly started.  Usually I get bogged down with whinging and moaning about how much I've got to do, and how tired I am being a reception teacher, but I've decided to take this term in my stride, stay organised, trying to enjoy each day for what it is.  I absolutely love spending time with the littlies in my class, they show me how to see life properly and it feels so special to be able to share their first week ever at school.  I'm sure many teachers will agree that a new term often brings a lot of anxiety along with the excitement, but this time I'm bringing them into a more equal balance.

Yes, I have worked absurdly long hours today and I am exhausted but who isn't?! I have also found time to talk on the phone to a lovely friend, eat a tasty dinner, watch a programme on Buckingham Palace (where I was probably more knowledgeable than Fiona Bruce!), have a bath, read 'Oh Comely' magazine, edit some photos and have a cuddle. I'm absolutely in loving my photography journey at the moment and am trying to hold on to that. All amazing things that I have made time for instead of collapsing in a heap.

So these pictures are a little collection of summer memories from the past few summers that make me feel happy - I'm so lucky to get 6 weeks off every summer to fill with things for me. Things to fuel the long slog of the Autumn term....bring it on! So when I forget about my new resolution, please direct me back to this blog post.

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