Alexa Loves : My button bouquet...memories of our home-made wedding.

Warning: girly post alert!

Photo: David McRitchie

Sad times, I finally had to take apart my wedding bouquet! Wasn't it beautiful? Yes I know it's been almost a year, and yes the flowers had completely dried out and gone brown, and it now looked awful. But I loved that bouquet, it was so special to me. It was a thing of beauty and I wanted to keep it forever but it was becoming a little bit Miss Haversham if I'm honest...

I used stems of buttons within the bouquet that I spent hours collecting and making in the run up to the wedding. The buttons came from all over the place - my Mum and Grandma's sewing kits, a little sweet tin I had from my great grandma when I was four, my mother in law's amazing wooden sewing box, people at work, little vintage shops, the boy and girl kissing came from a cheap necklace from Camden market. I was obsessed with buttons and still have about a million.  I'm a magpie, what can I say?

I know I have these to keep and treasure forever, just simple little things in a glass jar.  I have put them on my windowsill where they happily glint and wink at me in the sun. I took a little photo and I love it!

Photo: Me!

I gave the stems to my amazing florist at Hayford and Rhodes and she did an amazing job encoporating them into my bouquet which was made up from David Austin peach roses, and tied the bouquet with a baby blue ribbon to match my gorgeous Kurt Geiger shoes.

I'd wanted peonies (my favourite flowers) but can you get them in August!? But I then found these David Austin beauties and even though they were expensive, I had to have them! I just love fullness of the flowers; the intricate pattern of the petals as they open out, I feel like each bud tells a little story.  I asked the florist to add some blue  flowers too, although when it arrived they were much more purple than I'd imagined....far too purple. I remember shouting "I'm not having purple at my wedding!" Seriously, my only Bridezilla moment...I can hardly believe I did this, but I got out the kitchen scissors and cut a few heads away, as my Mum and my bridesmaid Sarah stood there open mouthed watching! It all worked out fine in the end, I have to be in control of creativity! :O)

Photo: Deb Sutton

Photo: Deb Sutton

Buttons were everywhere : I also made the boys wear lovely girly buttonholes!  Daf had to endure sparkles and love heart theme on his, lol! I had a bit of a red love hearts theme going on too - my Tatty Devine earrings were so much fun to wear.

Photo: Steve Blyth

The buttonhole below was my Dad's; the square black button is a gem from the tiny sweet tin belonging to my great grandma Ivy. 

Photo: Sarah Davis (a crop, I'm sorry Alice!)

Did anyone else enjoy DIY projects at their wedding? Don't get me started on the other projects I had on the go - personalised bunting by kids at school, doing the flowers ourselves, little signs for around the pub, a family tree of weddings, my grandad making my cake, a polaroid table for our guest book (this is the most amazing keepsake), the list went was a lot of work in just 6 months but totally worth it!