Alexa Loves : Hampstead Heath

Hurrah it's the summer holidays! And I love living in Kentish Town.  At the weekend we trekked 5 miles through Hampsted Heath and it was just what I needed.  I was thinking about what I could blog this week and I remembered some photographs I took there a couple of years ago.

We all know about my adoration for the Heath; nothing clears my mind more than a walk, whatever the season.  Whether it be a cold winters day - getting lost in the snow, braving it all the way to Hampstead and then falling into the Everyman cinema for an old film and a hot chocolate. Or a gentle stroll and picnic on Parliament Hill on a balmy summer evening.  And don't even get me started on Autumn...

So these photos are from the archive, when the boy and I went for picnic one evening in the summer holidays, plastic beakers full of red wine and a kite to fly on Parli Hill. LOVE. I was still new to my first DSLR, not really knowing how to control it or edit photos but wanted to capture the amazing sunset and the wonderful shadows as we walked towards the top of the hill.  There's always a wonderful atmosphere up there at sunset, as couples, families and friends soak in the views of the city from their superior vantage point.  It feels really special and a little bit sacred.