Alexa loves camping!

I've given the blog a makeover - it's now rocking tabs! So proud of myself as I'm sooo untechnical but I worked out how to do it all by myself!

Last weekend we escaped London and headed for Swanage in Dorset.  It had been a bit of a stressful, andrenaline pumped Friday afternoon (including a moment where I tried to unlock the button on a pelican crossing with my door key...duh!) but it was great to drive away from it all! It turned out to be fun road trip with Daf, Anna and Robin.  The most memorable moment of the journey was when driving through Poole at about 11pm, knowing we were about 25 minutes away from the campsite and we still had to put up the tent....when the Sat Nav said "Go straightahead and take the ferry...."  What??? A boat!! I pulled over and we collapsed into giggles. We had blinding been following the directions without realising they involved water transport and had just missed the last ferry of the evening! So had to endure another hour of driving in the darkness to go round the bay instead of across...

We finally arrived about midnight by which time I was so tired.  I don't think I was much help putting up the tent as I was more interested in seeing if I could take photos in the blackness...turns out I can! And don't get me started on the moment I discovered I had my husband's indoor sleeping bag from circa 1995!  Brrrrr, it was a cold night!

Head torches - pretty!

It was a lovely weekend. The weather wasn't the greatest but thankfully the rain held off.  It was great to spend time with friends, drink in the local pub, ride on  a steam train, relax on the beach, play some sports (some people took it far too seriously, you know who you are!), eat fish and chips and generally enjoy the Bank Holiday!

On the Saturday we headed off to Corfe Castle which is said to be the inspiration for Kirrin Castle in the Famous Five by Enid Blyton (I was a huge fan as a child, so was in my element!)

Stealing children's fancy dress clothes...we wanted to play too!

After the Champions League final was over, the most intense darts game I have ever seen ensued.  The pub was lovely and the atmosphere tense...Anna won, closely beating Daf to first place!

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing on the beach, playing rounders and enjoying general banter.  Fun times!

Thank you to my lovely friends who let me snap away at them all weekend.  And to whoever ate the raw bacon in the middle of the night, I hope you weren't really ill! There's no way that was a fox...

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