I love East London

One of my favourite days of last year: the last sunny day before Autumn and there was a beautiful feeling in the air. Daf and I had such a lovely Sunday afternoon, walking from Kentish Town to Stoke Newington then via London Fields to Hackney.  We ended up in a lovely little Mexican bar, eating tacos with Daf's brother and his girlfriend who happened to be house sitting in Hackney (this flat had two very playful cats!) Daf took the ones of me - he is especially proud of the one with the green background, he almost snatched the camera from me to take it!

I took these in early October 2010 at which point I was right at the beginning of my photography journey - ie I  had just about managed to take my camera off  'auto' but had NO idea what I was doing when fiddling with the controls ( What was this aperture thingy?!)  If I shot these again now I would definitely do things differently as I now know how to meter properly and would probably think more about composition and slow down...

But that afternoon I knew the light was amazing and I just wanted to capture everything!  As we approached London Fields the setting sun created an almost heavenly atmosphere with the smoke from the barbecues.  A couple of these images may have crept up in previous posts but I wanted to blog them as a set. Can you spot which ones?!