I love cameras and teacups!

I have an ever growing collection of vintage cameras and teacups.  I love the stories that old things tell, and I enjoy using them in the way that they were intended.  

I also love nothing more than new pens and paper - I always used to ask for them for Christmas as a child.  Last weekend I bought some Letraset 'Permanent Promarkers' in 5 pastel shades - I've not used these before and they are lovely.  I think they work really well with the black lines.  

One of my Kodak Brownies.
Rescued from my father in law Kelvin's loft with a few other old cameras on New Year's.

I love the the shape of the cup and the fact that it makes my tea all wobbly.

Another of the Kodak Brownies - used and loved by Kelvin as a teenager but in pristine condition (apart his name scratched on the underside!) I've recently used 127 film in this camera during our Cornwall holiday- I can't wait to get them developed and see the results!
A bit of a hybrid illustration - a mixture between my trusty Nikon DSLR and my Ricoh 35mm SLR from 1980.  This is a coloured version of the black and white image below - I'm not sure which I prefer.

A German coffee cup from the early 1900's.  Bought in Islington a few years ago. I often choose this one when I drink Earl Grey, makes me feel quite regal.

The drawing that inspired this series of drawings, made as a thank you card for our wedding photographer.  (Blogged here http://www.jodiechapman.com/blog/?p=926 on Jodie's website) 

I bought some more markers today, in a different range of colours. I can't wait to draw more things from around my flat, I've certainly got plenty of lovely, old things to inspire me (sorry Daf, I won't buy any more things from the charity shops for a while!)