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“Hi Lady! Photos are bloody amazing! We have been in heaven checking them out. They are perfect. We have favourited a ton - thanks a MILLION!”

~ Sas & Yosh, designers and illustrators

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“Thanks so much Alexa! So much to choose from and a really good selection of the main programme, the relaxation and individual personal training session. It’s been so lovely to meet and work with you.”

~ Hannah Walter, women’s personal trainer

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“Thank you, thank you. I usually hate photos of me and hide behind things but you have made a nervy thing a pleasant experience. Thank you clever lady!”

~ Zoë Folbigg, author The Note

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Thank you so much for these Alexa, they're beautiful!

I can't wait to get them out there..."

~Anna Whitaker, Toy Drop online magazine

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"Yesterday I had the great pleasure of spending time with the very lovely and very talented Alexa Loy doing my first ever brand shoot! This was a big deal to me because I absolutely hate hate hate having my photo taken, always have! But it was important to me to do it because it's one of the first things I say to clients- show your face and get some professional photos taken.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I knew I was in fantastic hands with Alexa- you just have to look at her portfolio to see that! She's also a really lovely person, who is genuinely interested in people. It was such a relaxed vibe, she really made me feel at ease and it just felt like we were hanging out, rearranging the house, dusting and the photo shoot was happening on the side!⠀

She was also so fantastic with my kids when they got rained out of a trip to the outdoor swimming pool and arrived home early! 'Can I take a photo?', 'Can I try?' Alexa really went above and beyond; this was not just a brand photo shoot, this was a brand storytelling photoshoot. Taking photos that will tell my story and bring out my personality. All the little details she picked up on...it was just amazing to see her at work!”

~ Catherine Hemming @socialwonderlanduk