Hitchin Photo Walk


I'm so excited to launch a series of photo walks - the first one will begin in Hitchin town centre on 24th April 2019, in conjunction with Bumblebee Collective who are kindly hosting the event in the bar at Hermitage Road.

Team Super Seraph logo

Team Super Seraph logo

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Raising money for a Hitchin 4 year old boy, Seraph, to travel to the New York to receive a trial vaccine to prevent a relapse of high-risk neuroblastoma cancer.  To read his story and the reason behind the fundraising or to donate, go to https://www.teamsuperseraph.org/*


What is a photo walk?


Think of a photo walk as a little boost to inspire you to go out and take more pictures - and a chance to actually bring your camera along to explore Hitchin rather than quickly rushing through as we shop or make our way to appointments, the school run or to work. Or if you draw or paint or write or make things with clay, a photo walk might be another way to collect inspiration for your work too.All types of camera welcome, there's no requirements - from DSLRs with an array of lenses, through to a trusted old film camera or even shoot it on your smartphone - the best camera is the one you have with you. The evening is open to absolute beginners, enthusiasts and professionals alike - this is about taking time to explore and connect with the world around you, make some images you love and meet like minded people.

What's included?

  • A Photo Walk guide PDF (emailed the week before the session)

  • Meet at The Hermitage Bar at 6.30pm

  • 7pm - 8.15pm photo walk around Hitchin town centre

  • There will be inspiration prompts and challenges around different areas of the town - Churchyard, the market, Tilehouse Street, Bucklersbury, Market Square and then we'll head back to the Hermitage for a chat and you can buy yourself a drink and have a sit down!

  • A facebook group where we can chat and share our images afterwards if you would like to.

This first walk will hopefully be the first of many - the atmosphere is all inclusive, no judgements made on your camera kit, skill level or competitions - this is about making images and exploring.  Everyone has a unique view of the world and we'll all see our town through different eyes.

Why a photo walk?


In early March I hosted a long weekend photography retreat called 'To the Lighthouse' down in Cornwall and it opened my eyes even more to the fact that our journey with our cameras never ends - on the first morning we sat around the table and shared what photography means to us - beginners and established professional alike and talked about why and how we approach our work - it was wonderful to learn from one another.As a self employed photographer, I meet lots of people as I capture families, local independent business and weddings - but it can often feel like a solitary existence when I'm editing my photos or working on my business...I chat to photographers online and that is wonderful but I thrive on community and connection.  I wanted to create a space in Hitchin where we can meet together, build a little community to explore with our cameras and share the joy of making mindful images. celebrating the every day.I walk through the market most days - when it's bustling and full, and when its still and quiet after hours. Those blue and white roofs with the pop of yellow make me happy.The photo in this blog post are a snippet from an hour I spent wandering round Hitchin last Friday afternoon - the things that caught my eye, drew me in and built the atmosphere for me that day. If you'd been there with me, it's so wonderful to know that yours would have been totally different, I can't wait to explore together and interpret it in our own ways.In the church yard I got a little bit obsessed with texture and shapes that were to be found, and I love the historical feel of a part of our town that has stood there for so many hundreds of years. And though it may have been a grey day last Friday,  what I love that is on another day, a different time of year, there would be light falling here that changes as the days and weeks move on, yet the building stays the same.And even the out of focus shots can sometime suggest something and be interesting. For me, a walk with my camera is the equivalent to a photography sketch book - exploring, understanding, learning new skills.One thing I love about our market town is the little signs of history that are so noticeable amongst the modern shops and offices - if only these walls could talk! I love imagining who lived here, who worked here, what their lives were like.

So come and join us on Weds April 24th at 6.30pm 


- if you have any questions, get in touch via the contact page, instagram or my facebook page. Tickets can be purchased on the BumbleBee Collective website here :