Seb turns one

Hitchin family photographer_0047 This time a year ago I wrote a little blog post announcing the birth of my little boy - and how that first year has flown by. The time seems so fleeting looking back, I am so glad I have taken so many photographs and little videos to help us remember. We've had an absolutely incredible time in the first year, a rollercoaster of emotion and energy levels with a newborn and now a small person. Being his mummy is teaching me so much about myself, life, my marriage, my family and friendships and the world as a whole. I am consuming every moment, I adore watching him grow, learn, and develop his personality- with physical features and mannerisms from both of our families brought together to make him unique.  Photographing weddings have taken on a whole new meaning now too emotionally for me now too, which I guess is hard to put into words but somehow I have a deeper understanding of how families connect and grow through the generations and how important photographs become as people grow older.  I've watched how Seb has become a part of both of our families, bringing them into both his and their futures. His first birthday was a very rainy day while Daddy was at work, so I decided I wanted to capture an image to celebrate.  I spontaneously decided to make  a little set up in his bedroom, plonked him in the middle of the cuddly toys he has been made and bought by our family and friends since he has been born and gave him a balloon to hold that his Great-Nanny bought him for his birthday. I just pressed the shutter as one of his amazing smiles spread across his face and the balloon floated into just the right place. I took several more pictures, but this first shot I took is most definitely the keeper...Happy Birthday little one xxHitchin family photographer-2 Hitchin family photographer-1 Hitchin family photographer-4 Hitchin family photographer-3