Favourite portraits of 2014

And to finish my reflections on 2014....here are my favourite portraits.  I love the time on a wedding day when I photograph the couple.  This year I have also enjoyed some business portrait sessions too and some gorgeous engagement shoots.  Whover I'm photographing, the photos aren't ever 'posed' in a cheesy way , I just want to capture people as they are, reflect and spend time with one another. I want them to look back in 20 years and say yes, that was me, that was us, this is how I was feeling on that day...I have had the best time getting to know the couples and people I have photographed this year, and my only hope is that my images reflect that.My favourite candid moments from weddings in 2014 can be found here and my favourite images from the places I've been are here.I'm so looking forward to 2015 - from the weddings I have booked, to another styled shoot with Mr and Mrs Unique in the planning, several families asking for sessions locally which is a side of my business I am really looking forward to developing, the EWE wedding fair extravaganza in Shoreditch in March and of course at least one trip down to Cornwall...bring it on! wedding photographer hitchin_0694wedding photographer hitchin_0699wedding photographer hitchin_0690 wedding photographer hitchin_0688 wedding photographer hitchin_0676 wedding photographer hitchin_0677 wedding photographer hitchin_0667 wedding photographer hitchin_0666 wedding photographer hitchin_0660 wedding photographer hitchin_0661 wedding photographer hitchin_0654wedding photographer hitchin_0765wedding photographer hitchin_0766wedding photographer hitchin_0791wedding photographer hitchin_0767wedding photographer hitchin_0768wedding photographer hitchin_0769wedding photographer hitchin_0770wedding photographer hitchin_0772wedding photographer hitchin_0773wedding photographer hitchin_0775wedding photographer hitchin_0777wedding photographer hitchin_0778wedding photographer hitchin_0784wedding photographer hitchin_0788hitchin blossom portrait session-1Ascot wedding_0102wedding photographer hitchin_0652 wedding photographer hitchin_0651 wedding photographer hitchin_0649wedding photographer hitchin_0776 wedding photographer hitchin_0645 wedding photographer hitchin_0642wedding photographer hitchin_0710wedding photographer hitchin_0711wedding photographer hitchin_0696 wedding photographer hitchin_0641wedding photographer hitchin_0789wedding photographer hitchin_0790wedding photographer hitchin_0636 wedding photographer hitchin_0635 wedding photographer hitchin_0634 wedding photographer hitchin_0630 wedding photographer hitchin_0629 wedding photographer hitchin_0627 wedding photographer hitchin_0626 wedding photographer hitchin_0624 wedding photographer hitchin_0623 wedding photographer hitchin_0622 wedding photographer hitchin_0621 wedding photographer hitchin_0620wedding photographer hitchin_0617 wedding photographer hitchin_0616 wedding photographer hitchin_0614 wedding photographer hitchin_0613walthamstow family photography_0560dionne yoga disco brighton_0467 barns hotel bedford wedding_0601