Personal post : It's the little things in life

Peonies on a ladder...I am obsessed with these flowers, the endless layers and promise they seem to bring as they unfold from tight buds to open blooms.  We're in the middle of some renovations with all our things packed away in boxes...these little guys bring some joy amongst the tools and dust and progress.peonies on a ladder-1-2Sunday mornings are a precious time - time together, time to listen and talk, have breakfast, make strong black coffee and listen to the lilting tones of Cerys Matthews presenting on 6 music.  Our time.I have to admit, the last few months have been a bit of a whirlwind for us - with one or two weddings every weekend since March and living apart due to mega house renovations (the downside of living in a house built in 1880 means things like damp and rotten floor boards and old ceilings need replacing...) After several weeks,  we're now back in the house and although it's a little bit like camping but we're so glad to be back.  We're almost there with the work and my parents have been totally amazing at doing lots of DIY work on weekends while I've been running around the county photographing gorgeous weddings, I feel very blessed.  Tired but blessed :)Thought we're still not there with the renovations and have no carpets or furniture downstairs, this morning we brought the table out of storage, tuned in the radio, brewed the tea and coffee and had breakfast together. The best ever.peonies on a ladder-2