Wedding at Nonsuch Mansion

  Natalie and Richard had their wedding at Nonsuch Mansion on Saturday - they were blessed with beautiful spring sunshine, and family that had travelled from the other side of the world to celebrate with them.   I was amazed at how many family and friends had come over from Australia, and from all over the UK too.And it really made me reflect on why I do my job and what I love about photographing weddings.  I've really enjoyed getting to know Natalie and Richard over the last year since they booked me, from their engagement sessions to Natalie's lovely emails updating me on their plans. It's relationships for me, seeing how everyone is so happy to be there for the couple and how much people want to be there to celebrate together.But it's the little moments that are so important, like when Aunty Joyce saw Natalie for the first time in the morning, or when Richard's baby nephew walked down the aisle all on his own with the encouragement and support of everyone in the room.   Just incredible.   I could go on, but it feels like a huge privilege to be able to capture these moments for Natalie and Rich and their families.  I've said it before, but I really do feel the images as I take them, as well as seeing them.  These pictures go beyond my eye and my camera, and become prints and memories - maybe one of the precious few times in life when they will all be together. Incredible.   Congratulations Nat and Rich! :)wedding nonsuch mansion_0059 wedding nonsuch mansion_0060 wedding nonsuch mansion_0061 wedding nonsuch mansion_0065 wedding nonsuch mansion_0063 wedding nonsuch mansion_0062 wedding nonsuch mansion_0064