2013 - the year in review.

2013.Where to start? You were flippin' awesome.  2013, you delivered me some incredible opportunities to get to know lots of fantastic people and led me to understand myself as a photographer a little more. Thank you to every single person who asked me to photograph them, I absolutely adored every single one of our shoots - they were so much fun.This is a bit of an epic blog post but I couldn't cut it down any more - so grab yourself a cuppa.  Here are some of my favourite images of the year - weddings, portraits and some personal photos too.   Hurrah!

*Cheesy end note alert!*  I also want to say thank you to my lovely husband Daf, my family and friends for their never ending support, the photographers who came along and assisted/second shot with me (Mark, Laura, Crissi, Lel, Nisha, Craig, Jade) and to everyone that liked and commented on my blog posts and facebook page - you all helped keep me sane and your support means more than you can imagine.Here's to 2014, I've got a good feeling about you...xx