Jacs and James - Wedding at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens Penzance

Jacqui and James got married in August down in Penzance in Cornwall.  Jacqui is a lovely friend of mine who I know from my days teaching in Kentish Town.   It's no secret that Cornwall is one of my favourite places, so when we met up in London to chat all things photography over one of James' incredible dinners (he's sooo good at cooking!) and they mentioned they were getting hitched in Cornwall, it's safe to say I was more than a little bit excited!
Jacs and James decided to hold their reception at Tremenheere Scultpure Gardens which over looks St Michael's Mount and had their ceremony at the Chapel in Penzance. The whole day was filled with happiness and fun.
James grew up in Cornwall and the wedding marked the beginning of their new life together in the homeland...London misses you guys, but I can't wait to visit soon.  It was an absolute joy to photograph my friends' wedding, so Jacs and James, this one's for you!
Getting ready....
"Moon river, wider than a mileI'm crossing you in style some dayOh, dream maker, you heart breakerWherever you're going, I'm going your wayTwo drifters, off to see the worldThere's such a lot of world to seeWe're after the same rainbow's end, waiting, round the bendMy Huckleberry Friend, Moon River, and me"
LOVE this confetti shot - so much joy!
A chimney sweep for good luck...
And a little tea in the church hall, just gorgeous.
Time for a rainbow, speeches, and food - and oh boy, the food at Tremenheere was delicious!
Let the party begin!
James' old band were playing and there was much dancing and singing, I love a good party and there was such an amazing atmosphere. James even made a guest drummer appearance himself. Fun times!
"HelloI've waited here for youEverlong"
"And I wonderWhen I sing along with youIf everything could ever be this real foreverIf anything could ever be this good again"
And then everyone began to dance...including me, it was flippin awesome!

And as I left,  the party continued into the night while St Michael's Mount was glowing, just for Jacqui and James....