Rebecca & Simon ~ St Stephen's Trust wedding in Hampstead

I couldn't resist a little preview of their photos from their wedding on Saturday at St Stephen's Trust in Hampstead.I've been looking forward to Rebecca and Simon's wedding ever since they sent their first email enquiry. An autumn wedding in a deconsecrated church on Rosslyn Hill where both the civil ceremony AND the reception party would be held?! Errrr yes pleeeease! Rebecca and Simon are just the loveliest pair, they just looked so happy to be together all day long and there was such a happy atmosphere.  There are loads of autumnal details I could share as 'sneak peeks' (and you know how much I love this season!)  but for me, when it boils down to it, it's all about the love.

I'm not going to lie, this wedding made me step up my game lighting wise - nowhere to bounce flash from easily and a rainy day...but working with my second shooter Mark Ashby we lit the groups and speeches with off camera flash and still acheived the natural look I love.  I love a challenge, that's what's so great about being a wedding photographer, it's fast paced and the light is always changing but I try to let that fade into the background, sort it out and then focus on the moments.  Rebecca and Simon didn't have a first dance, so I waited and soon was able to capture them enjoying time together without the gaze of everyone on them!