London Belt Craft Studios

My friend Lisa - taken yesterday at the Photography Farm Elements flash workshop with Adam Bronkhorst (grand master flash!)  I love that there's always something new to learn as a photographer and that we are always developing our skills. The workshop focused mainly on off camera flash and I can't wait to try out some ideas at weddings this winter. However, these shots were taken with my flash on camera, on a low ISO, flash pointing forward but zoomed in on the subject to create a vignette effect.  I love experimenting and trying new things - totally different to my usual style, but that's the great thing about learning and playing - you create and reflect and move forwards.  I'm looking forward to trying some more of this on the dance floor at weddings...

Plus the workshop meant I got to spend the day at Beltcraft Studios in Seven Sisters- such an awesome space to photograph in. It used to be an old dress manufacturing factory and is now crumbling but incredible...a sense of place is really important to me as I photograph.