London Street Photography Waterloo

Grey-skied London. I love you the best.

A sense of place is really important to me in my photography work.  I adore London, I feel like I'm an important yet insignificant part of something big when I'm there.  There's always something new to experience, even to the places I have been to many times before. Such a diverse, exciting, depressing, noisy, peaceful and thrilling place all at the same time.  I feel like I was made for London and it was made for me.

I am constantly passing through, on my way and my heart is always screaming 'stay!' to me.  In the early days of launching my photography business, we made a compromise financially and that meant moving out of Kentish Town and into Hertfordshire. And whilst I now love my little cottage and the place we call home, being a tiny part of a huge buzzing city will always make my heart sing. It's not the big tourist attractions that interest me, it's the tiny pockets that build London's giant personality.  

So I've decided I want to capture how it makes me feel so will take my camera with and photograph while I'm 'on my way' through. These days during busy wedding season I rarely have time to stop, but I want, no need to shoot for me! This morning I headed to Waterloo for an engagement shoot and captured a tiny part of the city with my lens as I travelled. There's always somewhere new to find.  A sense of place, of movement, of feeling.

More London-y photography to follow, bring it on - feeling inspired and excited. Anyone joining me? Where makes you feel really alive?