The madness of wedding season...

A little personal post today.  July was busy. August seems even busier and somewhere amongst all this I am hanging on.

I absolutely adore my job and love photographing weddings, meeting new couples about their weddings next year and doing pre wedding photo sessions....  but with these lovely things comes lots of late night editing sessions, coffee, banking, to do lists coming out of my ears, invoices, emails, enquiries for next year, advertising deadlines, pre wedding questionnaires, travelling all over the country - trains, buses, driving, hotel rooms, talking to other photographers, post office trips, charging batteries, checking my kit bag, blogging, backing up files, sneak peeks...argh the list goes on.

And then I find myself ignoring texts and emails from my friends and family - totally and utterly shameful....oh and who's that man I share a bed with every night? Oh my husband? Who's he? I feel like I've lost a little bit of me because I'm so busy and so tired.

But I'm not complaining. Not one bit. I am loving how my business is growing and I adore shooting weddings - it's just got a little bit overwhelming in the busy season! 

I'm sure I'm not the only wedding photographer feeling like this over the summer months...what do you do to help yourself stay sane? I wanted to share some of the things I'm now (from today onwards!) implementing for myself to make it feel more make it feel like mine.

♥ Tidy up my office and my inbox - A TIDY DESK = A TIDY MIND. (Just done this, boom!)

♥ Make time to call your grandparents and your best friend, it's important.

♥ Go for a walk every day and leave my phone at home.

♥ Get my five a day and drink lots of water. Berocca/Rescue Remedy when necessary! 

♥ Go to bed at the same time as Daf and sleep - no phones in the bedroom at all - its amazing how effective this is.

♥ Make playlists to entertain whilst working. Love spotify.   

♥ Make to do lists, stick them up on the wall and cross things off when you're finished!

♥ Prioritise my inbox & to do list - and stop working at 7.30pm when Daf gets home.

♥ Take a whole day off a week - next Wednesday is our third wedding anniversary - it's ours, no one else's! Plan is lie in - go to London to meet my friend Sarah who was my bridesmaid for lunch and see an art exhibition (I love galleries and this is part of finding me again!) cocktails, then late afternoon train home and spend evening with Daf (I've planned a surprise for him, ssshhh!) 

♥ Find time to enjoy things - this weekend I've got two weddings - so my stuff has been ready since yesterday. Tonight my other lovely friend Sarah is coming over for a DVD night and dinner - an early night for me then ready to go in the morning so I can do my job properly! 

♥ And those little moments I find for myself and those I love amongst the madness? Photograph them on my phone and cherish them.

I'd love to know the things you do to get through wedding season or through busy periods at your work - let me know!! 

Alexa x