Our wedding anniversary

Today is our third wedding anniversary - three years ago Daf and I got married....best day ever.  Low key, relaxed, fun and spent with our family and friends.  I got ready at home (our old flat in NW5, our first home, I'm so glad to have this on record), got married at Islington Town Hall and had a knees up at The Star - our local pub in Dartmouth Park - we walked home at the end of the evening.

Today I feel so thankful for all that we have. I thought I would share a few of my favourite wedding photographs - our wedding photographs, taken by the lovely Jodie Chapman. It was our experience with her that inspired me to become a wedding photographer, these images are so precious to me and I will be ever thankful to Jodie. I want to create memories like this for the couples I photograph, their friends and family captured forever in an album.

So much in our lives has changed since our wedding - and it's been just like the vows said!  We've moved out of London to Hitchin, we've had some difficult personal challenges, I've given up teaching and I'm now a full time photographer. We've bought our first house and we have a very gorgeous cat.  It's been hard, amazing and a whirlwind.  We've become a team.  These photographs record a moment in time - the golden era as Daf calls it...but you know what, it's not about the wedding day for me - it's about the every day.  And for that I will be ever thankful.

The night before my wedding my Mum wrote me the most amazing letter and gave me the strange brown looking thing below - it's a paper weight containing the flowers from her own wedding bouquet from the 70's...Love.

Daf's dad sang Come Live With Me and be my Love with his folk band and our friend Sarah came all the way from Australia to do our reading. Very special.  
It was the first day of the football season (and Daf loves footie!)- so the band played Match of the Day as we walked out!
My lovely friend Laura told me she couldn't come to our wedding as she's an archaeologist and was digging in Georgia....as I walked down the aisle I spotted her smiling back at me...talk about an amazing surprise! 
When we got married I was teaching Year 2 in a Camden school - I loved my class and got them to decorate some bunting for us. This one made me crack up - bless, written by a six year old! 
My grandad Alan looking at the family tree of wedding photos - amazing. My other grandad Brian used to be a baker so he agreed to make the top layer of our cake (we didn't cut it at the wedding, just shared with friends and family with cups of tea in the following weeks) Selfish yes, delicious yes! 
And then there was the dancing - I loved it!