Testimonial : Laura and Andy

Aw, this email landed in my inbox a few days ago and it just sums up exactly how I want my clients to feel and how I set out to capture a wedding day :) It makes my heart swell to receive messages like this and makes all of my hard work worthwhile.  Thank you for having me Laura and Andy, I just adored being able to give you a set of photos that will record your wedding forever!

"Andy and I wanted to thank you again for being such a wonderful photographer for our wedding. Having received the delightful parcel, wrapped in yellow and white striped sweets paper and string, which I didn't want to unwrap as it looked so nice! I thought your presentation was just fantastic. It really reflected you and your personality and I just love your logo. 
So once we were able to sit down together to look at the pictures, we were not disappointed. In fact, we were up until about 1am looking through them as we couldn't tear ourselves away from the computer screen. You captured the day entirely. I felt like I was back there, feeling the feelings I felt, the excitement, joy, happiness. All the memories I have in my mind, you have provided us with physical examples which I just love looking at. 
The church service was a beautiful experience, and you have captured everything about it that I love, all the details that made it so special. The photos are so natural and spontaneous. I never at any point felt like you were in my line of vision, you slipped so easily into the going-on's and that was wonderful. It made both Andy and I feel very relaxed. You did a fantastic job with the light in the church too - not easy i'm sure!
I was so pleased to see that you had managed to capture the venue too, so beautifully. The cakes, the marquee, the flowers, the cool house!!! Just perfect. I love the way you dealt with the formal shots. Never easy, but you can manage disorganised families very well!! 
Thank you so much for being there, for capturing the most wonderful day of our lives, and for magically immortalising the moments that will forever remain in our hearts. You are a very talented photographer and we wish you all the success you deserve. "