Testimonial from Katie and James - wedding at Priory Barns, Little Wymondley near Hitchin

I was pretty much blown away by this email from Katie and James after they received their little photo package - and I love being called Tinkerbell!  Getting positive feedback from my clients means so much to me and makes everything worthwhile...I can't wait to share more of their wedding on my blog :) 

"Oh Alexa, you have no idea how amazing it felt opening our little package of wedding pictures yesterday. Firstly, your branding is amazing and everything in the box just oozes cool class. 

Secondly, the USB stick of photos just blew us away. James didn't get in from work till 11.30pm so we said we'd just take a quick look at the first 200.. Then 300... Then we ended up sitting for an hour and looking at them all because we just couldn't stop! 

They are beautiful and so many times we said that we didn't even notice you taking this picture or that picture... You must flit about like Tinkerbell finding the best positions without disrupting the proceedings - must be so hard to do!

I could go on and on but suffice to say we are over the moon.

Thank you again and again!

PS. how on earth do we choose only 50! We may end up with the biggest photobook you've ever done!! X"