Personal post: Life lately

Ah July you were good to me. Yes it's crazy wedding season and I've been working very hard, but do you know what, as ever, it's the little things in life that make me count my blessings.

To be honest, a lot of July has been spent on my computer, editing the lovely weddings and shoots I've been up to with my cat by side. She's been a bit of a beast lately - the other day bringing a frog (a massive frog) into the house which I chased round the living room for ages...

I love being around her all day long, she'll often sit on my desk while I'm editing. She's been keeping me company! Even whilst asleep and also when I'm in the bath! She will just sit in the sink and wait for me!!

Ha ha! I little shoot I did with Jolly Brown vintage at Hitchin Lido - a really fun shoot with gorgeous light, more to share sooon! 

I won an online competition! Woop woop! The prize was a gorgeous string of bunting handmade by the gorgeous Evelyne from Urban Cosy - I was so delighted with it, thankyou! Looks awesome in my office x 

I've been in London a lot - loving shoots and client meetings and just soaking up the vibe - I decided that Blackfriars is my favourite train station platform ever - that's the view from the train window when it stops there!

Long hot summer days :) Happy Lexy.

I did my eyeliner in the car on the motorway - I haz skillz. Oh, and I'm pretty much obsessed by anything turquoise - someone send help! 

I love the sun. The hot weather has meant BBQ's with friends and ice cream at weddings! Also punting in Oxford and a picnic and pimms on the riverbank FTW.

And I've been enjoying the produce of the season too! Ah summer fruits rock my world - rhubarb from our garden and honey mango from the corner shop over the road. Yum! Summer flowers really do make me very happy indeed. I really love blooms - peonies, lavender and also poppies and sunflowers....

I'm so fickle - every season I declare my 'favourite' but I love noticing the world around me! It's been lovely to enjoy some hot weather lately yay for summer!