Old photos make me smile

On Saturday I took Ali & Ben's wedding photographs, it was such an amazing wedding and there was so much love in the room.  Ali wrote me the most gorgeous card to say thank you and on the second page there was a photo she had found and thought of me...

Ali knows that I adore old photos, and love how precious one single frame was in the days of film.  My Grandad was a baker and used to make wedding cakes like this...and this photo just got me imagining about the couple who got married, what was their story?

I found this photo on a little market stall down Camden Passage in Islington a few months ago. I love looking through old photos and postcards, it fascinates me that they are for sale and I love to let my imagination wander.  I always just buy one, and make myself choose my favourite, it feels so precious. How gorgeous is this photo? The companionship, the love, the normality of the every day. There was no chance to look at the back of the camera and shoot another - I love that their heads are cut off, it makes it so much more beautiful to me.

And this? This is Ali and Ben on Saturday night, during their first dance.  Just one photo, not thousands, telling the story of their wedding and their love.

Will someone find my wedding photo on a market stall in 70 years time? Probably not, unless I print them and store them in a box to age...I want to do this but like many I'm guilty of storing most of my photos digitally, yes they are backed up but still there's nothing like leafing through and touching. It's my challenge this summer to select just 50 of my personal photos to print from the last year and create an album. Do you print your photos or is it ok to keep them on our screens? I think there's definitely a place for both but would love to hear your thoughts.