Vicki & David's wedding at Farbridge, Chichester : reflections

I want to tell you about a feeling. The feeling when I upload the pictures to my hard drive after I'm home from a wedding or a portrait session and my heart goes BOOM.   The feeling that motivates my work and the reason I became a photographer.  Moments of pure emotion. Recorded, captured, sacred. It's the best. feeling. ever.

This weekend I photographed David & Vicki's wedding at Farbridge barns near Chichester. There was so much emotion and love in the room and it was such an honour to be there and share their day - at the start of their married life together.  said the other day to a photographer friend, that as cheesy as it sounds, I 'feel' my photos as I take them, rather than see them and I really think this is true.

And to know that when they are old and grey they'll be able to look back on the photos, and remember - amazing. I laughed and cried all day long - I have the best job in the world.   Thank you to Vicki & David and all of your wonderful family and friends - you rock.

I love the connections in their faces, the interaction with their lovely friends and family. And a certain little one ignoring it all and picking her nose!!