Engagement Shoot Blenheim Palace - Laura and Andy

Hello you. Notice anything new around here? It's been a little bit quiet on the blog front so far in 2013...I fully intended my round up of 2012 to be the very last on this blog address...however the launch of my new website and blog combined has been pushed back a little so I'm still here on www.alexaloves.co.uk for a little while longer. But with my new branding! Rather than wait for the new site to be ready, I just want to get on and share the loveliness!  So I've given my blog a little face lift to keep her going for a little longer - notice the shiny new branding? I LOVE! Big thanks go to Matt Dent at Bison Bison)

I'm going to share a little of what I've been up to lately and expect a few catch up blog posts with weddings and engagement shoots and other lovely little things from last year too....If you want to have a look at my main site that's over at www.alexa-loy.com, looking forward to my new site soon - the new branding is just a tiny hint of what's to come! :O)

First up is the gorgeous engagement session of Laura and Andy - I've really been looking forward to sharing this. What can I say? I loved hanging out with these two and I can't wait to shoot their wedding in North Wales in the early summer - they are getting married in a tiny church on a small island on the Menai Straits (a big stretch of water between Bangor and Anglesey).  They got engaged at Blenheim Palace and so wanted to return for some photos together in the run up to their wedding. A crisp and bright winter's day in the run up to Christmas - it was gorgeous.