Alexa Loy : 365 project

So I haven't blogged for a while - I've been busy editing the weddings I did in the summer and have been on some exciting shoots too! I miss the blog and I've wanted to begin a 365 project for some time - when I started this blog it was because I wanted a place to share my personal photographs.  I've had the most amazing year setting up my photography business and love taking wedding and portrait photographs.  However, I feel I need to make sure I shoot for 'me' and so have been inspired by several other photographers to begin my own 365 project. I'm not promising that I'll achieve it but I am promising to commit to it!

So here goes, a photo a day for the next 365 days....I hope to get into a regular routine of blogging them, a week's worth at a time.  Where better to start than with my new kitten taken a few minutes ago on the sofa.  11 weeks old, still without a name, although we are calling her Kitty and it seems to be sticking.  She's gorgeous, I've totally and utterly fallen in love with her.  She's all settled into our home and is very happy - so teeny weeny! She loves the camera, tries to eat it!

Have you ever done a 365? Or are you doing one right now? If so I'd love to see the link to it on Flickr or wherever else you posted them....Yay!