365 Project: Week 2

So I've undertaken this 365 project....Can I be honest? Week 2 was haaard - cos I kept forgetting to take my camera, but I love my iphone and use that to capture things as they happen on Instagram - it's already part of my daily life...so I've decided iphone photos are allowed. This is my 365 and it will be made up of images from my D700, iphone, my Diana f+, sketches, pinhole cameras, polaroids, you name it, I'll use it! :O) There are no rules, just one image a day! Once I'd got to this point things got a lot easier, so here they are, not perfectly aligned, not all the same format, but my week all the same! I love how Autumnal the world around me has become....

#8/365 Monday 22 October 2012: 

Shadows. Just before bed after a hectic day. Paper birds hanging from my mirror...

#9/365 Tuesday 23rd October

Home from work...there's still a tiny bit of light left...a quick self portrait.

#10/365 Wednesday 24th October

Taken on my iPhone, edited with VSCo app.... At this point I wasn't sure if iphones were allowed but am bending my own rules as just love Autumn leaves!

11/#365 Thursday 25th October 

The look of love. A rubbish instagram....it was difficult to even take this! Kitty had some injections on Thursday and has been a little under the weather ever since, lots of cuddles needed! :O)

#12/365 Friday 26th October

Taken outside Marylebone Town Hall...just after Simone and Kyle's wedding. Weird distortions when I tried to fit all into my frame....

#13/365 Saturday 27th October 

Ah a day off - spa day for me! A present from my lovely Mum, a well needed day off...Autumn instagram leaves.

#14/365 Sunday 28th October

Daf on the train on the way to London.  I was enjoying the shadows and lines in this frame.