365 Project: Week 1

So last Monday I began a 365 project - this is my first weekly upload! I've really enjoyed it so far, and am finding its helping me to focus my mind and begin to look more closely at the world around me. I'm not sure where the project will take me and that's the most exciting thing! At the moment I want it to be an exploration of me and my life which I guess could include self portraits, street photography, life in Hitchin, abstract studies and still lifes of the things around me. We shall see where the adventure leads...

I've begun to explore darker exposures, the nights are drawing in and this week I kind of set myself a challenge to produce work that reflects the change.

Monday 15th October : 1/365       Kitty
2/365         Kirsten
3/365          My homemade lamp - dark shadows
4/365        Grey and yellow, a favourite combo.    Miffy in the kitchen
5/365      Can anyone get any work done around here? 
6/365        Fetching something in from the shed, I met this bad boy.

7/365        My garden again - I loved the colours and the shapes.  I've loved how this project is making me really look again and consider.

Have you got a 365 project that you've done or are completing? Leave the link in the comments box, I'd love to see!