Claire and John : Malvern Council House wedding and Blue Bird Tearooms

I was absolutely honoured when Claire and John asked me to shoot their wedding - an intimate legal ceremony with just the two of them in preparation for their big celebration with family and friends the following weekend . Claire and John had their legal ceremony at the Malvern Council House and a proper 'wedding breakfast' fry up and yummy cakes in the Bluebird Cafe in the town.  They live in Birmingham and chose Malvern as it has a special place in their hearts as somewhere they visit for walks and time together.  The day was really emotional, beautiful and fun  - totally and utterly them.  They arrived together and it was really an honour to share their ceremony.  Thank you so much Claire and John - thank you for sharing your day with us.

It was an absolute honour to be their only guests and witnesses...

After the ceremony we went for a walk around the grounds of the Council House and had some fun doing some portraits...Some had more fun than others I would say!

Lots of fun!

Time for a wander into Malvern and to visit their favourite cafe - Claire eats a gluten-free diet and the Bluebird Cafe were totally amazing - would really recommend a visit if you're in Malvern...

Yes, there were fry ups, and chocolate cake and a cream tea...amazing. Well it's your wedding, why not! I asked them what they were doing later that day - they told me driving back to their holiday cottage and  cooking a 5 course meal to celebrate.  I was mighty impressed.  

If you would like to see Claire and John's gorgeous photos from their 'big' wedding the following weekend, check them out over on Steve Gerrard's site (can you spot me in the pictures?! I was a guest that day and it was the most amazing wedding ever...EVER!)