Engagement Shoot: Rachel & Luke (Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington)

Aw how lovely are these two?! I met up with Rachel and Luke to talk through the finer details of their wedding in Stoke Newington, in London.  We got on really well and chatted for ages before finally deciding we should brave the rainy weather outside and go for a walk in Abney Park which is a cemetery hidden almost from view.  It's hard to believe you're in a city when you walk through here, it's got a magical feel to it.

As we wandered along the paths, Luke suggested we try and find the old church.  Even though it's a forgotten old thing, still somehow seems quite alive.  I love how it contrasts with the growing greenery of the forest and the names on the graves.

Rachel and Luke both told me they felt a little apprehensive about having their photo taken but I got the sweetest message from them after the shoot while I was on the bus home, telling me how much they enjoyed it and how relaxed and fun it turned out to be in the end! Thanks guys! They are getting married on the Suffolk coast in August, and I'm really looking forward to their day...and hopefully getting onto the beach for some photos.